2022-2023 National Capitol Chapter Confirmed Executive Committee

I am pleased to announce the results of the National Capitol Chapter election for the 2022-2023 chapter year.

President: Christopher Hughes, CHST, STS

President-Elect: Alex Norwood, GSP, CHST

Secretary: Mary Ciesluk, CSP

Treasurer: Vacant

Advisory Council Representatives: 

Ashelyn McConnell, MEng, ASP

Wyatt Bradbury, MEng, CSP, CHST, CIT


Marcus Odorizzi, CSP, ASP 

Thomas Trauger, CSP, ARM

Many congratulations to our newly elected leadership team!

On behalf of the Nominations & Elections Committee, many thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s election process.


Jerry Rivera, MEng

Nominations & Elections Chair

Chapter Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) Award

Application package:

The National Capital Chapter of ASSP actively acknowledges the contributions of its members. The Chapter Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) award is an honor acknowledging the dedication and outstanding contributions of a member to our Chapter. Each year one member is identified through membership nominations.

To be eligible nominees must

  1. Be a Professional Member or Member in good standing of their Chapter and the Society.
  2. Not have received this award within the past five (5) years.
  3. Be engaged in full-time employment in the profession of protecting people, property and the environment.

Nominees are not eligible if they are currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors or the Chapter Awards Committee, or have been elected an ASSP fellow.

All nominations must be submitted to the Chapter by June 30.

Judging Criteria

  1. The nominee’s most recent three (3) years of activities will be considered as a minimum.
  2. Demonstrated technical expertise in the broad field of safety and a thorough knowledge of the operational aspects of his/her safety employment.
  3. Demonstrated outstanding contributions to the, Chapter or Section, activities, including committee or task force chair, officer, services to members, lecturer at seminars, etc.
  4. Leadership in establishment, maintenance, and improvement of technical or Chapter programs in the organization nominee serves or elsewhere.
  5. Other personal achievements related to safety and health.
  6. Professional contributions to advance the safety profession, such as fostering professional development, public/community services, instructor at educational institutions, involvement in codes and legislation, articles written, work with allied groups, etc.
  7. Awards and innovations, including citations, honors, plaques; or new procedures or systems developed.
  8. Endorsements by superiors and verifications by associates, in the form of letters on appropriate stationery of the employer, Area Director, where applicable and Regional Vice President.

Submit completed SPY applications and supporting documents to the Awards Committee Members: 

Ashelyn McConnell: and Tom Trauger:

2022-2023 Proposed Executive Committee

The proposed slate of candidates for the Executive Committee for the 2022-2023 Chapter year is listed below:

President: Christopher Hughes, CHST, STS

President-Elect: Alex Norwood, GSP, CHST

Secretary: Mary Ciesluk, CSP

Treasurer: Vacant

Delegate to the House of Delegates

Ashelyn McConnell, ASP, MEng. 

Wyatt Bradbury, MEng, CSP, CHST, CIT


Marcus Odorizzi, CSP, ASP 

Thomas Trauger, CSP, ARM

If you are interested in running for a Chapter Executive Committee position or just want more information, please contact: 

Jerry Rivera:

Nominations and Elections Committee Notification

In accordance with our Chapter Bylaws the _National Capital Chapter, Article VI, Section 1. Nominations and Elections Committee for Chapter Year 2022-2023 has been appointed.

The newly appointed Nominations and Elections Committee will oversee the election of our 2022-2023 Chapter/Section Executive Committee. Names are as follows:

Jerry Rivera – Committee Chair

Rob Matuga – Committee Member

Chris Hughes – Committee Member

Anyone interested in running for an Executive Committee position should email the Chapter Nominations and Elections Committee Chair- Jerry Rivera: no later than Monday, March 14th.