Awarding of 2023 Janet Sprickman Scholarship

Sierra Virden of Grand Valley State University was awarded the 2023 Janet Sprickman Memorial Scholarship by the ASSP Foundation on behalf of the National Capital Chapter.

Sierra writes “Three years ago, I couldn’t even tell you what OSHA or OSH stood for, what duties a safety professional had, and thought that industrial hygienists worked in a dentist’s office. Now, I graduate a proud GSP with a plethora of experience in a variety of industries including construction, pharmaceutical, food, and even mining. All of this would have been impossible to achieve without the support system of my outstanding program faculty, mentors in my internships, and organizations like ASSP that promote the development of young professionals such as myself.

The financial assistance I have received will aid me in continuing my journey in safety as I go onto further my education in graduate school. A developing field even today, I aspire to be a safety professional that continues to redesign and redefine what safety can look like in the industry.Finally, through my career and own example, I hope to become the gateway and inspiration for other young girls and women to gain an interest in a career path they perhaps had never even considered themselves having a role in.

Please see the full release for additional information on Sierra