Virtual and Augmented Reality in Training Recap

Oct 21, 2019

The National Capital Chapter had the opportunity to host Chris Scholz and Lee Barnes from FreeRange XR for an informative meeting on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Training. This meeting was followed by a NCC WISE Social in which we had the opportunity to try out Virtual Reality Fall Protection and Fire Extinguisher Training.

One of the biggest takeaways was the differentiation between augmented and virtual reality and the different applications each has.

Augmented reality is an overlay of the augmentation on actual reality. The real world is enhanced by an interactive experience in which the overlay can be interacted with in similar fashion to the real world. This technology is ideal for visually showing step by step instructions. There are opportunities to use this to train a set of procedures that is not considered high risk.

Virtual Reality is a fully immersive environment in which an individual enters an immersive environment shutting out the real world and can proceed through various modules and high-risk activities without the risk of bodily harm.

Additional information on the technologies and the pros and cons of each can be seen in the presentations included below.

We would like to thank FreeRange XR for attending our chapter meeting and sponsoring our Chapter!

Here are two versions of the FreeRange XR Presentation Free-Range-XR-Overview-white-2-2019.pdf

ASSP Leadership Conference Recap

Oct 21, 2019

ASSP Executive Committee Members Wyatt Bradbury, April Dorsey, Ashelyn McConnell, Thomas Trauger, Lindsay Bell, and Sharon Lipinski had the opportunity to attend the ASSP Leadership Conference in Chicago October 10-12, 2019.

The ASSP Leadership Conference is designed to connect chapter leaders to one another, provide opportunities to network with Society Staff and the Board of Directors, and to help leaders sharpen their ASSP and Personal Leadership skills.

Please see the takeaways below from our chapter leaders:

Thomas Trauger:

“The interactions, exchange of ideas, information and practices from other chapter leaders will help our local chapter leadership team provide value to our members”

Sharon Lipinski:

“The better our leadership skills, the better we can influence the people around us. I’m glad I got the chance to learn some new leadership skills.”

Wyatt Bradbury:

“I love seeing new ASSP Leaders have their eyes opened to all this organization can offer. This is one of few if not the only times our entire society comes together, and we have such access to leaders from across the organization. I also love hearing other leaders share their success stories and bringing back some of those ideas to our chapter.”

U.S. Department of Labor to Hold Public Meeting On Leading Indicators for Safety and Health Programs

Oct 08, 2019

From the Department of Labor:

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Labor invites interested parties to attend a discussion on leading indicators for occupational safety and health programs. The meeting will be held on November 7, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

A key component of a safety and health program is to monitor performance and progress using leading indicators that track how well various aspects of the program are performing. The November discussion will focus on the use of leading indicators, how they are chosen, what they track, whether they are effective, if there is commonality across an industry, and any challenges encountered using such indicators.

Those interested in participating in the meeting or attending as an observer must register at Leading Indicators Meeting Registration by October 30, 2019. The meeting will not include formal presentations, but instead will be conducted as a group discussion. Written comments can be submitted to the docket, OSHA-2019-0005, through February 7, 2020.

WHAT:          Public Stakeholder Meeting on Leading Indicators for Safety and Health Programs

WHEN:          Thursday, November 7, 2019, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EDT.

WHERE:       U.S. Department of Labor                        Frances Perkins Building, Room N-4437                        200 Constitution Avenue, NW                        Washington, DC  20210


NCC Member William Walkowiak Appointed to NACOSH

Oct 06, 2019

Congratulations William Walkowiak, CSP!

William Walkowiak, CSP, was appointed to serve a 2-year term as a management representative on the 12 member Committee. He is a professional member of the National Capital Chapter and a member of the ConstructionMilitary and Public Sector practice specialties. Walkowiak is director of occupational safety policy and programs at the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Air Force for Environment, Safety and Infrastructure.

NACOSH was established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to advise the secretaries of labor and health and human services on occupational safety and health programs and policies. Members of the 12-person advisory committee are chosen on the basis of their knowledge and experience in occupational safety and health.

The 12-member NACOSH has two members representing management, two members representing labor, two members representing the occupational health professions, two members representing the occupational safety professions and four members representing the public. Two of the health representatives and two of the public members are designated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, although actual appointment of these members, as well as all other members, is by the Secretary of Labor. The members serve two-year terms.

Read the full press release here:

NCC Member Scott Ketcham Named OSHA Director of Construction Directorate

Oct 06, 2019

Congratulations National Capital Chapter Member Scott Ketcham!

From the Department of Labor Press Release:

The U.S. Department of Labor has selected Scott Ketcham as the new director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Directorate of Construction (DOC) in Washington, D.C. Ketcham had served as deputy director of DOC since February 2017.

Prior to coming to OSHA’s national office, Ketcham worked for 19 years as an OSHA acting deputy regional administrator, area director, assistant area director, and compliance officer and manager in offices in the Seattle, Dallas and Philadelphia regions. Before joining OSHA, he spent five years as a staff industrial hygienist with the U.S. Army Medical Activity at Bassett Army Hospital on Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. He retired from the U.S. Army after 24 years of active and reserve service …

‘Scott Ketcham is a dedicated public servant,” said Loren Sweatt, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health. “He has demonstrated strong leadership throughout his OSHA career, and I am confident he will continue to achieve the mission of assuring safe and healthful working conditions for construction workers in his new position.”’

Read the Full DOL Press Release:

Read the Full ASSP Press Release:’s-construction-directorate