Session Recap – It seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Evaluating Decision Making during Incident Analysis

Thank you to Professor Jennifer Serne for your enlightening discussion on how we make decisions as people and what we as safety professionals need to understand about the thought leading up to incidents.

The session recording and slides are available below.

Session Recording (Available until 7/31)

Presentation: It-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time-2020.pptx

Session Recap – How to Prepare a Safety 2021 Proposal

Thank you to Tony Militello, P.E., CSP, MPA, SGE and Bonnie Lipinski, CMP Manager, Conferences & Meetings for ASSP for their insight, time, and resources!

Link to Call For Presenters:

Key Tips:

  • Align to the Safety 2021 Objectives
  • Read the Fine Print
  • Proofread or have it proofread to ensure it is fully aligned and edited
  • Make it clear, why do we need to listen to you?
  • Brochure Description should be accurate, relevant, and thoughtful
  • The Title needs to be reflective of your discussion


Session Recording: