Volunteer Leaders Needed!

Jul 22, 2019

Would you like to help shape the future of the National Capital Chapter? Do you want to impact the professional development of your peers? If so, The National Capital Chapter has some exciting positions open and available for appointment. Please contact President Wyatt Bradbury (president@ncc.assp.org) if you are interested in learning more.

Jobs Chair is responsible for finding relevant OHS/EHS Jobs in the greater D.C. Area for posting on our job board. These can be found from LinkedIn, other chapter pages, the AHMP/WMACSA Distribution list, recruiters, etc. Jobs are passed onto the communications chair and webmaster. This position requires approximately 1-2 hours a month of time commitment.

Communications Chair is responsible for putting together all chapter email communications using the RealMagnet account and manages the chapter LinkedIn Page. This includes meeting announcements and the monthly newsletter. This requires a 4-6 hour a moth commitment depending on the amount of content we are generating and those hours are spread throughout the month based on our chapter marketing plan. This person interfaces closely with the chapter webmaster, President, programs chair, membership chair, and jobs chair.

Membership Chair is responsible for growing the membership and maintaining the membership experience. This individual is responsible for welcoming members at the meetings. They are also responsible for sending welcome and expiration reminder emails to the membership. On occasion, this individual works to recruit new membership at events like our MACSC PDC or through social media/networking campaigns. This person also generates a member report for the chapter communication and EC discussing changes in membership numbers and new members in the last 30 days. Finally, this individual is responsible for generating a full membership analysis every 6-12 months demonstrating membership trends. This position requires an average of 1-2 hours a month time commitment.

The Sponsorship Chair can be included or separated from the membership chair. This person is responsible for recruiting potential sponsors for our chapter and collecting all applicable logos and paperwork. This person is also responsible for ensuring that sponsors have a positive experience and bring any concerns to the EC for consideration during annual revisions of the program. This position requires an average time commitment of 1-4 hours a month depending on sponsor activity and sponsorship levels.

Webmaster is responsible for updating our chapter wordpress pages. They would be responsible for posting events, posting jobs, posting announcements, and maintaining the pages. This job varies between 4-6 hours a month spread throughout the month.

There are also opportunities to run for elected positions for the 2020-2021 Chapter Year. Please reach out to President Wyatt Bradbury or President-Elect April Dorsey if you would like to learn more about elected openings.

We hope you will consider serving with us!