Virtual and Augmented Reality in Training Recap

Oct 21, 2019

The National Capital Chapter had the opportunity to host Chris Scholz and Lee Barnes from FreeRange XR for an informative meeting on Virtual and Augmented Reality in Training. This meeting was followed by a NCC WISE Social in which we had the opportunity to try out Virtual Reality Fall Protection and Fire Extinguisher Training.

One of the biggest takeaways was the differentiation between augmented and virtual reality and the different applications each has.

Augmented reality is an overlay of the augmentation on actual reality. The real world is enhanced by an interactive experience in which the overlay can be interacted with in similar fashion to the real world. This technology is ideal for visually showing step by step instructions. There are opportunities to use this to train a set of procedures that is not considered high risk.

Virtual Reality is a fully immersive environment in which an individual enters an immersive environment shutting out the real world and can proceed through various modules and high-risk activities without the risk of bodily harm.

Additional information on the technologies and the pros and cons of each can be seen in the presentations included below.

We would like to thank FreeRange XR for attending our chapter meeting and sponsoring our Chapter!

Here are two versions of the FreeRange XR Presentation Free-Range-XR-Overview-white-2-2019.pdf