Session Recap – From Crisis Management to System Success

Apr 02, 2020

Thank you to Dr. Ivan Pupulidy for presenting first in our Socially Distanced Webinar Series!

Dr. Pupulidy reviewed simple, complex, and complicated systems and how approaches to risk vary between the various system states. Employees are caught between percieved danger, accidents, rewards, and propensity to take risk and their behaviors are balanced in some form or fashion between these elements. The idea of the Risk Cycle in normal work allows professionals to perform risk assessments and plan evaluations in the complicated linear states while progressing to Real-time assessments and evaluation and post-mission learning in the Complex Non-linear states. In the linear states, risk assessments provide a more linear plan and decision. In the non-linear states, sensemaking, learning, and improvisation become key. Ultimately, in bridging the gap between uncertainty and certainty, innovation at the point of work must be a key and successful tool.  Ultimately, these innovations are experiments and the system has to be capable to allow for mistakes, failures, success, and learning if this sensemaking approach is be implemented effectively.


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This is the US Chemical Safety Board’s Call to Action on combustable dust.

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