May Chapter Meeting Recap

May 31, 2019

Our May Chapter Meeting was an exciting one for our chapter. Our new officers were installed, 2019 Awards Presented, and we had a chance to network through our NCC WISE Social. Thank you to Hawkeye Safety and Atlantic Hardware and Supply for sponsoring our event and our Social! Area Director Paul Esposito also laid out the vision our our Northern Area and Region VI and how the National Capital Chapter is setting the example for our sister chapters. There is a great deal to celebrate about the 2018-2019 Chapter Year and the incoming leadership is excited to make 2019-2020 even better!

The Safety Training Ninja Regina McMichael was our speaker for the May Chapter Meeting presenting “The Safety Training Ninja” to all in attendance. Regina is a highly engaging speaker and all in attendance truly enjoyed hearing how to adopt Safety Training Ninja Skills.

One of the key takeaways from this session is that “Training is not about you!” The goal of training is to impart the objectives to the attendees, not walk away with some sort of satisfaction as the trainer.

Regina walked us through the ADDIE approach exploring how we should Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate our training.


The key is understanding what employees know, what employees need to know and then training to the gap


Use SMART Objectives that include active language. Participants worked in small groups to write objectives that were then presented out to the other teams for feedback.


Know your audience and what will engage them the best


Understand adult learning theory and that people truly want connection. Chunk information and do not be afraid to mix it up.


Understand the residual gaps that remain.

We look forward to welcoming The Safety Training Ninja Regina McMichael back in the near future!