December Meeting Recap

Dec 26, 2018

Mike McCullion, CSP, ARM, Past-President of the National Capital Chapter and Director for Market Sectors and Safety at SMACNA, presented “Prevention through Design, a Building Life Cycle Approach” at our December meeting. Mike’s presentation focused on reducing or eliminating occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities through proactive building design and systems, staying true to the most effective methods according to the Hierarchy of Controls.

Mike talked about the “life cycle design” approach, where the entire process of building, construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition is continuously reviewed and improved to enhance workplace safety and health.  Early intervention is key, and to protect workers, end users, and the public, we must be able to communicate the business case for Prevention through Design. All parties involved in the building process, including owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and workers, must be educated on PtD and engaged in its implementation. Some of the key elements that PtD addresses include:

  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Sustainability and Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities

Mike is also going to be presenting at Safety 2019, so we look forward to seeing him there. Please take a minute and view the presentation that Mike has shared below.

Thank you to both SiteDocs for sponsoring and Miller & Long for hosting this meeting.

PTD Presentation SiteDocs Information and Discount.pdf