December Chapter Meeting Recap

Jan 08, 2020

The National Capital Chapter had the opportunity to partner with the Metropolitan Washington Federal Safety and Health Committee for our December Meeting hosted by the ATF. We were privileged to hear from Curt Wittman as he presented Effective Communication to the attendees.

Curt used a number of demonstrations to help the learners see common pitfalls of communication that plague our workforce. He made the point that there are times when we are speaking to our employees and they are nodding in agreement that they understand but their understanding is far different than our intended direction. He used some demonstrations to illustrate the point that there is often disconnect between receiving the message and decoding the message that impact the instructions and training we give as professionals. He also made the point that preconceived notions and biases affect our ability to receive and decode messages. A multitude of other demonstrations were used to help us explore the abilities and limitations of our brains as we try to deliver, receive, and decode messages.