Colonial Chapter Silica Webinar

Oct 26, 2018

This webinar will address engineering, administrative and PPE measures aimed at eliminating and reducing occupational airborne silica dust exposures and generation, in accordance with the most recent revision to the OSHA silica dust exposure standard.

The concepts discussed will provide starting points, ideas and refinements for contractors and others in the construction, building maintenance or manufacturing trades to comply with the revised OSHA/VOSH Standard.

The revised exposure level for Silica dust exposure is sub-microscopic, measuring at roughly the ‘trace amount’ level. In realistic terms, if you can see the dust, you’re probably over-exposed under the revised Standard.

Will discuss how to interpret and apply the provisions in OSHA’s Table 1, which describes the steps you should be taking for minimizing employee exposures on dust producing jobs.

A regulatory Inspection will ask for certain documentation and evidence of your effort at eliminating employee exposure to Silica dust. The webinar, will discuss the main elements of the revised standard and provide examples of compliance oriented documents, hardware, techniques and employee training course components

Instructor will be : John J. Meola, CSP, ARM is the Safety Director for Pillar, Inc. based in Richmond and Wytheville, VA. Meola is a safety consultant to private clients in the construction and industrial trades and a technical safety trainer and educator. He produces training programs for hard-to-manage applications, including Confined Space Entry, Lock Out Tag Out, Fall Protection and other disciplines under the occupational safety umbrella of protective measures.

Additional Information and Registration:

November 29, 2018

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM